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3/22/2017 - "Blue Lakes Ammunition has been a big hit for us. Our customers love to shoot, it's a passion for some and fun for others. They want to shoot as much as possible. They are looking for affordable ammunition to help drive that passion. Blue Lakes Ammunition has filled that void absent from other ammunition companies. Plus they are local, and No Limits Outdoors supports local businesses."

- Andrew Steffen
President/Owner, No Limits Outdoors

3/15/2017 - "The 88 Tactical staff and customers are impressed with the Blue Lakes Ammo quality ammunition and affordable price. Their people are always great to work with, and we're proud to support them."

- Jamie Schmidt
Vice President of Purchasing, 88 Tactical Group

3/15/2017 - "Recently began dealing with Chris. He supplied ammo for a test run and it all ran flawlessly. It has quickly become popular at our range. I will say being in the range business and dealing with vendors can be somewhat a difficult challenge. This company has by far been the best to work with. They are friendly, helpful and professional. Great service.....great product!!"

- Take Aim Indoor Gun Range

3/14/2017 - "I would love to thank Blue Lakes Ammo for a great product.  We have purchased over 230,000 rounds since November and most of it shot right here at Tactical Advantage.  The ammunition has been very reliable, clean and every one loves the clear jugs.  We have confidence in this ammunition and Team Tactical Advantage will be shooting Blue Lakes Ammo this year in competition."

- Jason Falconer
President, Tactical Advantage

2/20/2017 - "The mixed brass was pristine, the bullets themselves were glistening and free of dings or dents, and I noticed no rough edges, bullet set back, raised primers, or other obvious defects in any of the rounds that I rifled through." Read full article...

- Chris Tran
Guns & Tactics 

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