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About Us

Remanufactured and New Ammo 
Blue Lakes AmmoBlue Lakes Ammo is quality American-made ammunition designed for shooters who train extensively and require dependability at a reasonable price.

Providing consistent and accurate rounds, Blue Lakes Ammo manufactures quality ammunition in order to provide optimum accuracy. Blue Lakes Ammo relies on name brand components for producing ammunition you can trust.

Processed Brass 
Blue Lakes Ammo is proud to provide high quality mixed, sorted, polished, or processed brass for your reloading needs. Whether you need fully processed brass to SAMMI specifications or just sorted brass by caliber Blue Lakes Ammo is your preferred supplier. 

Our staff takes great pride and care in shipping you the highest quality sorted brass casings and reloaded ammunition to ensure your ammunition starts with a quality case.


Remanufactured ammunition from Blue Lakes Ammo contains fully processed and inspected cases. Blue Lakes Ammo always inspects all casings for defects. Primers are removed, flash holes are cleared and primer pockets are reamed to accept new primers, ensuring reliability. The bullets, powder, and primers are new.

High Quality Components
Blue Lakes Ammo uses TMJ Plated bullets to reduce your lead exposure. 
Clean burning powder, leaving your firearm with minimal powder residue 

Reloadable brass cases remanufactured to SAAMI spec tolerances for quality assurance

Blue Lakes Ammo Internal

High quality plated bullets

Clean burning powder

Reliable primers

Processing Equipment

  • Blue Lakes Ammo uses automated equipment to process and load our ammunition
  • Blue Lakes Ammo conducts a thorough washing and polishing process that makes our REMANUFACTURED ammo look better than most new factory ammo
  • Every piece of brass is processed to SAAMI specifications on Camdex processors before it is reloaded
  • All ammunition is loaded on Camdex loaders that run nine safety checks to ensure proper and safe loading of cartridges

  We don’t have anything to hide.

Blue Lakes Ammo is sold in attractive clear containers with handles to make carrying convenient.

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